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General Pediatric Surgery

General Pediatric Surgery

General Pediatric surgery is a consolidation of technological excellence, medical expertise and collaboration among different divisions to deliver the best possible outcomes. We offer a full range of services to our pediatric patients, working closely with our experienced Pediatricintensivists, Pediatric nephrologists, Neonatologist, Pediatric Anesthetist, Peri-operative staff etc. to provide intensive care and a high-quality, safe and emotionally supportive environment.

We offer consultation and ensure comprehensive inpatient and outpatient surgical care. We have special expertise in dealing with various congenital anomalies requiring complex reconstruction surgeries.

As a division, pediatric surgery has a competitive edge in managing congenital (problems present since birth), abdominal and thoracic problems. In collaboration with our Pediatric gastroenterologists, we treat many complex conditions like biliary atresia, Hirschsprung`s Disease etc. Our day care facilities for minor surgeries like hernia, hydrocoel, circumcision or undescended testis ensure early discharge within 6-8 hours. Besides we are available round the clock for emergencies like acute appendicitis, gall bladder stones and intestinal obstruction that require immediate attention.

Common conditions and surgeries -

  1. Hernia and hydrocoele
  2. Imperforate anus
  3. Hirschsprung`s disease
  4. Biliary Atresia
  5. Choledochal cyst
  6. Empyema
  7. Congenital lung and chest lesions