Hypospadias/ Exstrophy Bladder

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Hypospadias/ Exstrophy Bladder

Little baby boys pass urine like a fountain. Small lads can stand and pass urine straight with an ability to point the stream where they want, like a fire-man’s hose. This is possible because the urine comes out of the opening at the tip of the penis.

In boys with hypospadias, the opening is located on the under surface of penis. Because of this the urine is deviated downwards towards their feet. The picture shows normal arrangement and hypospadias.

How is hypospadias detected?

Hypospadias occurs in one in 300 male newborns. When the paediatrician checks out the baby, or when the parents bath the baby, the following features can make one suspect hypospadias

  1. Urine opening on the under surface of the penis
  2. Penis being slightly bent downwards
  3. Excess foreskin on the top of the penis

What are the consequences of Hypospadias?

When hypospadias is left uncorrected, the following consequences can develop
  1. Unlike the normal lads who can stand and pass urine, hypospadiac lads have to sit; if they stand and pass urine, it goes down the leg.
  2. When they get older, because of the bent in penis, sexual activities become difficult. Also they have much lower chance to have children, as they can’t deposit the sperm normally. The sperm leaks out through the opening located underneath.
  3. Sometimes the urinary opening is also small, leading to blockage in urine stream. This leaves them at a risk of urinary infection.

What is the right time to correct hypospadias?

From 6 months onwards, hypospadias can be corrected by an operation. By completing the operation before 2-3 years of age, these children can be toilet trained normally like any other child. Not having an appearance like other boys at school, can lead to emotional problems in these children.